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Engagement and service quality

Whether you are looking for next-day delivery (or sooner), a KANBAN stock held in our facility, or a Consignment stock held at your warehouse, we can tailor-make a solution that fits your needs.
We also can provide competitively priced steel at a fixed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual rate. This gives your business the ability to strategize purchasing and meet the constraints of your customers.

Technical support (R&D)

Steel, the solution for today and tomorrow

ArcelorMittal is guiding the evolution of steel to secure the best future for the industry and for generations to come.
To strengthen relationships, our dedicated product and development team works closely with our customers to promote and develop our products and solutions to address specific needs.

Steel Service Centres Europe is backed by ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D teams and resources including 1,400 expert researchers at 15 state-of-the-art R&D centres around the globe. This enables us to offer customers sophisticated, targeted solutions which use advanced high-performance steels. By looking beyond today we are able to envision the steel of tomorrow.

Global R&D is active in a broad, comprehensive portfolio of programmes which address business needs and societal challenges. We are consistently developing new steels with unrivalled physical properties and technical characteristics. For example, we have developed new alloys for the automotive sector which combine elasticity and impact resistance to enhance safety and reduce the environmental impact of mobility. Our teams have developed organic coated steels with new aesthetic designs and high-performance surface functionality to improve our built environment. And our new ultra high strength steels are enabling yellow and green goods to reach new levels of performance, even in extreme temperatures.

Innovation remains an ongoing focus for Steel Service Centres Europe

That’s one of the reasons we are the steel supplier of choice for our customers.

Fast Line: Prototype and sampling services

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe can deliver real examples of our extensive offer through our sample and prototyping services. Our dedicated support team can propose suitable materials, provide quotations, process orders, and deliver prototypes and samples around the world.


We can provide small examples of real products which customers can use to select colours and finishes. Once a selection has been made, sample coils or sheets can also be provided to test the material on the customer’s own production equipment.


When it comes to prototyping, a dedicated team is available to support customers during the development of new projects. The service can include providing sheets or blanks at short notice to test new designs and materials.

Discover our prototyping offer

To help you

Our Find the right product tool can help you select from a range of products that are used in your industry segment. This can help you to benchmark your offer against the wider market. You can also access the latest specifications for the steel products you already use.

Our Coil Calculator tool can help you select products with characteristics that fit your production equipment.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.