What we do?

At ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe, it is our goal to provide you with steel in the right size and quality at the right price, place, and time

As your metal service centre partner, we can help you to reduce your need for working capital, maximise production efficiency, and fulfil the expectations of your customers.
Through our network of 25 steel service centres across Europe, we can provide the same quality material to one or multiple production facilities. Our delivery options include Just-In-Time (JIT), Consignment, or KANBAN supply.

Steel Service Centres Europe is a part of ArcelorMittal – the world’s largest steel producer

As part of the ArcelorMittal Group we can provide you with unparallel technical support and advice. Our innovative steel products and support offer will help you reduce costs and improve your products. And with our integrated mill supply chain, we offer flexibility to meet your most urgent and changing needs.

Tailor-made solutions of flat carbon processed products

  • Slits, sheets cut to length, blanks (rectangular, trapezoidal, shaped) – Prototypes Via our Fast Lane services.
  • Delivered in “ready-to-use” sizes and needed quantities, serviced «just in time” for flow processes and with a short lead time for “spot” business.
  • For more than 6500 customers in the automotive and industrial markets.
  • We also offer specialised steel strapping products through our SSC in Gray, France and valorisation of non-prime steel products into prime products through our SSC in Mosem, Belgium.

Your products, our services

Tools to help you make the right steel choice

About SSC

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe specialises in the processing of flat carbon steel to meet customer needs for product characteristics, shape, and dimensions.

We offer a comprehensive range of steel grades and services.

We also offer bespoke service solutions to meet specific needs.


Do you want to create and build tomorrow’s world?

The steel we work with every day is used all around you... Work with ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe and look at the world in a different way!