Our values

We are passionate about our business, our steel, and our people. We take care of our employees, always act ethically, and respect human rights. And we create privileged relationships with our suppliers and partners. Every one of us invests in putting our customers at the centre of our business, every day.

We are driven by health and safety

Our employees are our top priority, so our health and safety program is designed to ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of every day.

Our constant safety focus helps us all to enjoy our life, both professional and private.

We are agile

In a perpetually changing world, we constantly question how we can meet the needs of our customers and offer them dependable and personalised solutions which allow them to respond to the challenges they face.

Nothing is permanent except change.

We are people driven

We offer a range of programmes to ensure the talent within our workforce is harnessed, developed, engaged, diverse, and inclusive.

We also aim to build strong leadership for the future from within.

We are customer oriented

Our main objective is to meet the demands of our customers by offering products and services with high added value. We are constantly developing our product range so we can accompany our customers in their most ambitious projects.

We believe in innovation

In an industrial environment that constantly sees the emergence of new technologies, we focus on innovation. We achieve that by creating a corporate culture which increases our ability to innovate through collaboration with employees.

That requires us to believe in their knowledge, intelligence, audacity, and creativity. In this way they can respond to increasingly demanding markets and collaborate in the success of our customers.