With Carl Source, we choose performance

November 2022

The recent implementation of the CMMS tool Carl Source in our steel service centres has proven to be the right choice in terms of stock maintenance.

And it is confirmed day after day. Flexible and adaptable, the tool is easy to use and provide our technicians with complete access to all the information and data they need in one single tool, and to real-time updated information. They can easily keep track and log all the technical information of each part and the interventions that have been carried out.

With Carl Source we can ensure more efficient:
-   management of maintenance processes: curative, preventive, forecasting, annual shutdown, safety,
-   integration of regulatory reports,
-   traceability of maintenance work,
-   monitoring and traceability of equipment assets,
-   reporting via simplified interfacing with BI.

One unique tool to easily share information and experience between the sites, aggregate all maintenance needs (via easy interface with ERP) and pool methods in order to have a global view and be able to control the costs of the installations to be maintained.

It really is the cornerstone of our equipment performance management and a considerable asset for service quality.