Successful first organic coated trial on an Automotive blanking line at SSC Woippy

June 2022

Last month our team in Woippy performed the very first test of organic coated decoiling and shearing on a line dedicated to automotive blank.

The objective was to show that a blanking line dedicated for automotive (mainly car visible areas) could also process organic coated coils. Organic coated process is mainly used in the industry such as building and construction or for a lot of applications in general industry.

The good results of the test (no pollution between blanks, no impact on the shiny aspect, burr, marks or scratches) are very encouraging for the development of Woippy that could become the Group’s prototyping center for both Automotive and Industry.

This test gave us the green light to start putting in place actions to improve organic coated processing, as well as allowing our people to acquire new skills about processing steels (some of which we are the only ones to process).


The project team who successfully organised this first OC test