Full tour of the Krakow site for 37 students from the University of Economics of Krakow

December 2022

In December, thirty-seven 2nd year Master’s students from the Faculty of Commodity Science and Product Management of Cracow University of Economics were welcomed on our site in Kraków to discover how a steel service centre operates

This was part of the Knowledge Education Development Programme (Power Programme), a programme that provides support aimed at activating young unemployed people under 30, at supporting higher education, developing social innovations, mobility and transnational cooperation. It includes many visits to several factories within the country.

The visit started with the workshop where they could watch our state-of-the-art processing machines and cutting lines in action. They were also showed to the laboratory and the rest of the facilities. The opportunity for them to see that customer satisfaction is always at the heart of our work, at all stages of the process, whether it be manufacturing, cutting, planning or even logistics.

Throughout the visit, our experienced staff were on hand to answer all their questions. And there were a lot, about the production process, the company etc. They showed a real interest, asking for many details, and were very curious. Perhaps among them future colleagues, who knows?

To know more about the Programme - Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej