Entering the Haka era: a new mindset and approach to boost communication and improve efficiency

September 2022

On Wednesday 28 September at our Steel Service Centre Reims, we inaugurated the first Haka meeting room 🙌🙌

The first of many as all our 25 sites will soon be equipped.

This space is about to play an important role in the daily life of all our Steel Service Centres in Europe because it comes with an entirely new methodology:

  • 15-minutes stand-up meeting every day to analyse and reflect on the tops and flops of the previous day;
  • the introduction of the ’Perfect Day’ and new KPIs whose aim is to drive for efficiency improvement by fully involving the production teams;
  • and the use of fully digitalized tool and the guarantee of easy access for everyone to all relevant data and information about safety, performance - and many others - as well as to any communication from the Corporate or our management team.