Capturing innovative ideas and bringing them to life

January 2023

Every year for the past four years is held the annual SSC Improvement Challenge, an internal idea competition/innovation competition aimed at engaging our employees in a common goal of innovation, solving problem and efficiency improvement, in five categories: Health, Safety & Environment, Best Place to Work, Operational and Technological Excellence, Supply Chain and Stock and Sales and Service.

Because year after year we believe and are convinced that there is no better way to identify problems and bring about solutions or improvements than our own people, those who work at the grassroots level and face these problems.

Every year we are amazed at the ingenious, and sometimes very easy to implement, solutions they come up with. "Easy”, maybe, but you had to think about it. And that is what our dedicated workers do, thinking and coming up with brilliant solutions. And once selected, the winning ideas are implemented at all our sites.

From an online portal for customers to directly enter claims, to a homemade scrap chopper handtool, a QR code management system for returned material, or even a qualification matrix to manage employee substitutability, this year’s ideas were just as clever and interesting.

And the big winner was the team of SSC Bytom for its extreme makeover project, the major renovation of its premises undertaken last year to improve the working conditions and well-being of its teams. And all this has led to increased efficiency, as shown by the very good results and high level of employee satisfaction. Here are some photos of the great work done.