In our SSCs, innovation is continuous in all our departments.

Industrial innovation

By integrating new production and management methods we evolve the jobs of engineers, technicians, supply chain personnel, and maintenance. At the same time we perfect our industrial performance.

Our equipment is increasingly sophisticated, the automation of machines makes our connected activity more competitive and also safer, as robots replace the most arduous and low value added tasks performed by humans.

As a result, operator jobs are changing. Today they require more autonomy and responsibility and ensure people are at the centre of Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation

Another facet of innovation is the digital transformation of our workplace. It is changing the jobs of our sales, human resource, finance, and communication personnel.

Our activities are being boosted by new management methods that make us more agile.

Our goal is to improve the productivity of the business and enhance the well-being of our employees.

Product innovation

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe has partnered ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products to bring to market several innovative products including Magnelis®. We continue to work with ArcelorMittal’s mills to develop new ultra high strength steels (AHSS) for the Armstrong® Ultra family.

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe can rely on the expertise of our R&D centres to help our customers develop innovative products. We have already partnered with several customers to develop tailor-made products, with specific chemical and physical properties, to address their needs for specific steel grades.

Environmental footprint

ArcelorMittal has embarked on an ambitious journey to realise carbon-neutral steelmaking by 2050. Our XCarb® offer is already putting our business at the forefront of the fight against climate change and enabling our customers to reduce their own environmental footprint.

Innovation driven safety and health

At ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe we enable our employees to initiate innovation in all areas. Their commitment, shared vigilance, and expertise are key factors in continuous innovation, particularly in terms of safety at work.

Safety during transport

Our packaging robots wrap our products to protect them during shipment and handling. To reduce the risk of steel products shifting or slipping in trailers, our employees developed anti-slip pieces which are added to the corners of steel sheet packages. The steel can then be transported safely from the factory to the customer. This investment has increased safety for our employees, drivers, the wider public, and the employees of our customers. It helps to achieve our goal of guaranteeing safety on the road.

Guidelines for cargo securing
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The Road to Net Zero

As part of the ArcelorMittal Group, Steel Service Centres is committed to significantly reducing the environmental footprint of our plants. As part of this commitment we ensure that the steel we use is optimised to produce the best possible finished products for our customers.

We are committed to optimising the steel production process, reducing scrap and waste, recycling steel back into the manufacturing cycle, and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Machines helping people

Steel Service Centres automates the palletisation of materials using robots and auxiliary machines. Automation makes the workload easier and safer for our employees.

Innovation in this area has improved efficiency and ergonomics and transformed our handling of finished products so the machine does the heavy lifting and the human is in control.