Health & Safety

Our employees are our Top-priority, so our Health & Safety program targets to avoid any harm to them. We are sure, a healthy and safe environment helps us all to enjoy our life, professional and private.

Safety is our highest priority

We are convinced that we must strive to create a safe environment in our plants and to avoid accidents every day. Our goal is to secure the safety of our employees and visitors.

Safety is achieved by clear management, not just by top management but by every person. That’s why we expect everybody to manage themselves - and each other - in the work environment. The goal is to help each other, in a friendly way, so we can all return home safely at the end of our working day.

We have clear rules on safe work in our facilities

The start are our ten Golden Rules, where the themes for our highest risks are clearly mentioned with the most important means.
On this base we have dedicated rules, highlighted in our Fatality Prevention Standards, checked regularly by our safety experts, to update the safety activities in the whole group.

The basis are our ten Golden Rules. These rules outline our highest risks and the actions we can take to mitigate them.

In addition to the ten Golden rules we have specific rules which are highlighted in our Fatality Prevention Standards. They are checked by our safety experts and updated regularly to ensure safety across the organisation.

Safety is managed locally. Local management teams, supported by our safety experts, must assess all risks in their workplace. All possible risks must be documented in a risk assessment form along with actions which can be taken to mitigate them and protect everybody.

Everyone on site – employees, external contractors, and visitors - are informed about our rules through regular training and briefings. Everybody is asked to audit the safety system and to report any problem to management. By engaging in this ongoing process, we aim to increase our safety further.

A low accident rate is a result of:

  1. High technical standards. All technical equipment must be up-to-date and checked regularly. Technical solutions are implemented to protect people wherever possible.
  2. Good organisation. Every work process is clearly indicated, and all processes are documented and communicated.
  3. The perfect safety behaviour of every person on site. Everybody knows and respects the safety rules, and everybody acts to protect their colleagues.

We count on everyone in our team to keep each other safe. Together we can create a safe working environment, protect each other, and manage risks.

We are a team, we take care of each other.

Healthy lifestyle

As with safety, we take a proactive approach to health.

We encourage our employees to have a healthy lifestyle by promoting different programmes and a network within the group.

Everyone has the right to good health and safety. Equally, everyone has the responsibility to make this happen at home and at work. Leaders, machinery operators, office workers, contractors – we all need to believe that Journey to Zero is achievable and to feel responsible for health and safety.

- Lakshmi N Mittal, Executive Chairman of ArcelorMittal