Steel Strapping

Located in Gray (France), we have been manufacturing steel straps since 1955 and we are the only steel strapping manufacturer within the ArcelorMittal Group.

ArcelorMittal Gray

For more than 70 years, thanks to our know-how and experience in steel processing, we developed a strong partnership with our customers and provide them with high-quality steel strip, accompanied by on-site expert support services, supply chain, sales and quality health safety and environment department (QHSE).

Our compact team is made of 30 employees, all steel enthusiasts.

Specialised in producing steel strapping, ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centre Gray offers high quality as well as made in Europe steel straps. And the safest packaging solution to maintain your heavy loads during distribution or transport.

Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal
Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal
ArcelorMittal steel strapping

Our solutions

We strive for excellence and we provide the safest product to hold your heavy loads during loading and/or transport.

As part of the ArcelorMittal Group, one of the largest steel producer in the world, we can secure sufficient flow of raw material to respond any request. Add to this our expertise and three efficient production lines, this enables us to produce a significant volume of steel straps per year.

Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal
Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal

Our customers come from different industries such as steel, timber, transport, construction... which are demanding in terms of the safety and durability of the products we manufacture.

That is why we are constantly trying to innovate and developing new solutions.

Indeed, innovation is one of our company’s core values urging us to apply creative ingenuity to make better products, safer products that will ever more satisfy your needs and requirements. And that are the most suited for your project.

Our products

Our offer goes from 25kg for the smallest format to 1 ton for the mega Jumbo :

Ribbon wound (RW)

Weight :
25 to 50kg

Finishing : blued, white, black, grey lacquered.

Can be used with manual strapping machines.

Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal

Oscillated wound (OW)

Weight :
50 kg

Finishing : blued, white, black, grey lacquered.

Can be used with manual or automatic strapping machines.

Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal


Weight :
250 to 300kg (Jumbo)
300 to 500 kg (Super Jumbo)
500 to 1 tonne (Mega Jumbo)

Finishing : blued, black (for any special request, please contact us).

Can be used with automatic strapping machines.

Format, sizes and packaging option : please see the brochure.

Customization and tailoring

  • Standard strap for loads that do not require specific support
  • High resistance strap for heavy loads requiring increased support
  • High elongation strap for heavy loads requiring a certain elasticity in the holding

The offer can be adapted depending on your needs and new products can be developed accordingly. We can respond to specific needs with different quality straps such as HE or HR strap.

We provide various types of finishing such as blue, white, black lacquer or zinc lacquer. And through inkjet technology, we can now customise your steel strap with your logo or the message of your choice.

Steal Strapping in Gray - ArcelorMittal

Our primary goal is to always meet the needs of our customers

To do that, we offer a wide range of dimensions, thicknesses and colors. All our products are in compliance with the EN 13256 (European) standard as well as the ASTM D3953-07a Norm (North America). Since 2021, ArcelorMittal Steel Strapping have been approved by the American Association of Railroads AAR supplier for the North American market.

Hear from one of our customers

Laurent Beverini, Senior Support Engineer at ArcelorMittal St-Chély

Laurent came to us one day raising a safety-related issue on its site. Particularly regarding the quality and the typology of the steel strip he was using. " We were facing a safety risk because the steel strips were falling off after heating the coils. And it could lead to injuries” explains Laurent.

Together with him, we analysed the situation, brainstormed and finally find a solution, a brand new product 100% responding to his needs especially the safety requirements. The annealed strip was born.

The use of annealed strip after pickling, for coils going to annealing in a closed vessel, before rolling quickly solved the problem. I would strongly recommend it for coils going to closed-circuit annealing. And I would like to stress the extreme attention paid to the quality and to the packaging

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