Tailor-made solutions from processed flat carbon steel products

Our tailor-made solutions

With our state-of-the-art processing facilities, we can deliver quality products tailored to your needs. That can include slit coils, cut-to-length sheets, and blanks in rectangular, trapezoidal, or tailored shapes. Our products can be produced from a range of steel families which meet your specifications.

Our steel offer

From highly complex Dual Phase steels to the latest advanced high strength steels such as Usibor® and Amstrong®, our steel grades have tight mechanical and chemical properties. We also offer grades with the latest innovative coatings such as Magnelis®, as well as standard aluminised and galvanised coatings. These coatings are available on structural and standard grades including DD11, S275, and HX480.

Our goal is to cater to all your needs and provide a one-stop solution. Whether you need high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels, high strength grades, or specialised steels such as MartINsite® or austenitic grades, we can help you to identify the optimal product for your needs. We can even tailor-make bespoke products for your application – with the ArcelorMittal seal of approval!


Our strapping offer

ArcelorMittal steel strapping

The standard steel strap is the flagship product. Steel strap is the best solution to easily maintain, strap, secure and transport all your products. It is ideal for heavy duty wrapping and packaging, for holding loads or materials with sharp edges, and is best used where no stretch is required.

Advantages of steel strap:

  • It is designed for rigid and heavy loads up to several tons.
  • It maintains its mechanical properties and quality in all conditions, over the long term.
  • It is does not stretch and resists to breakage.

Discover our steel strapping offer

Our aluminum offer

Steel Service Centres Europe now offers a new range of aluminium slit coils and sheets from the 1XXX/2XXX/3XXX/4XXX/5XXX/6XXX families. The products can be supplied to our customers from our sites in Belgium, France, and Germany.

Contact our sales and marketing team at for more information.

To help you

Our Find the right product tool can help you select from a range of products that are used in your industry segment. This can help you to benchmark your offer against the wider market. You can also access the latest specifications for the steel products you already use.

Our Coil Calculator tool can help you select products with characteristics that fit your production equipment.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.