Our technical expertise and know-how enables us to serve large, specialised, and niche markets equally. Whether you are looking for a fast-moving, high-volume product or a highly technical bespoke solution, we are ready to partner with you.

Technical expertise for industry

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe has the backing of the world’s largest steel producer and a network of steel processing facilities across the continent. We can meet the needs of every steel market including automotive, appliances, construction, furniture, HVAC, yellow and green goods, solar, and warehousing.

We understand the importance of certified steel in your products and your need to conform to the certifications and EN/BIS norms of your industry. Whether you require slit coils, metal plates, laser sheets, or laser welded blanks, we have the capability. And we always produce to the highest standard.

Automotive offer

Our automotive offer includes thinner and stronger steel grades which can reduce the weight of vehicles without compromising safety. Our technical knowledge and market-leading position in advanced high strength steels (AHSS) puts us in the driving seat to support carmakers who want produce lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient vehicles affordably.

As the world’s leading supplier of steels and solutions to the global automotive industry, ArcelorMittal is a key partner for vehicle makers. That’s why leading OEMs trust us to optimise the weight and cost of their vehicles, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure high standards of safety.
Whether you are a steel distributor or a final customer, we have the products and service solutions to fit your needs.

To help you

Our Find the right product tool can help you select from a range of products that are used in your industry segment. This can help you to benchmark your offer against the wider market. You can also access the latest specifications for the steel products you already use.

Our Coil Calculator tool can help you select products with characteristics that fit your production equipment.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.