Jacinthe Marat


My name is Jacinthe Marat. I’m 39 years old and I work at ArcelorMittal Steel Service Centres Europe. When I was hired as a Logistics Manager for France I was five-months pregnant. At a previous company, I’d already met the manager who interviewed me. In that position we’d had a disagreement, but the manager retained the ability to defend me when I applied for the job with ArcelorMittal.

Why did you decide to join ArcelorMittal?

During the job interview, I appreciated the frankness and approach of the HR Director. When I was offered a job, the objectives of the position were clear and support was provided so I could achieve my objectives.

How do you see your career progressing?

Since I joined ArcelorMittal, I’ve had the opportunity to progress professionally each year. I started as a Logistics Manager for France, and then for France and Belgium. After a year, my job had a European dimension.
I then had the opportunity to work as a Commercial Controller. More recently, I was offered a position as Site Manager.

What do you like best about your job?

At ArcelorMittal, we work with several countries, and different cultures and personalities. Thanks to the relationships I have established, I always know who to contact when I need help.
English is the language of the Group, and I really enjoy practising. It’s a daily challenge to convince people in a language other than my mother tongue.
I also enjoy seeing the complex projects I have worked on being implemented.

Describe ArcelorMittal in a few words:

ArcelorMittal is a juggernaut. There are so many activities going on, so many varied jobs. It’s impossible to know everything but I can always develop my skills and learn every day.
There are many things to do and everyone can find a job. That is why people should not hesitate to consult the job offers available.
We’re in a Group with many entities, but if we need help in our job we can work with different people. We are all part of the same organisation.